02 Apr'20

The company "Shlangenz" works in a regular mode!

The company "Shlangenz" works in a regular mode!

Dear partners and friends!

The company "Shlangenz" works in a regular mode.
We are equipped with raw materials and resources for
ensuring uninterrupted production.
Due to worldwide distribution
COVID-19, our Company is ready for operational
respond to any event development.
We execute decisions without question
federal government.
The company "Shlangenz" remains a reliable partner and continues to fulfill all its obligations!
We use all recommended measures to prevent the spread of the virus:

 ❗ - all works are performed in protective masks and gloves;
 ❗ - disinfection of workspaces and common areas;
 ❗ - temporary termination of all business trips;
 ❗ -minimum of personal contacts.

This is not an easy period for everyone, but we will overcome it!


Manufacture period


Standard products

available on stock (in 30% of cases)


Specific requirements

additional design engineering




For typical service conditions



It depends on technical and specific service conditions. The warranty period may be extended (in some cases up to 20 years) upon approval of all technical specifications and service conditions for the product.

Welding shop

connection of end pieces with flexible section

Assembly shop

pre-assembling and production

Testing and quality control department

quality assurance test and documentation preparation

Turning shop

turning of end pieces on CNC-controlled machines

Hydroforming shop

Finished products warehouse

Braiding shop


We participate in major government projects


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