16 Aug'19

In August, the company "Shlangens" turns 12 years old! 12 years of moving forward!

 In August, the company "Shlangens" turns 12 years old! 12 years of moving forward!

Over the years, Shlangens has grown and achieved high quality engineering solutions in the fields of aircraft construction, mining and processing, energy and agriculture.

All 12 years of existence on the market, LLC "Shlangens" has always shown positive growth dynamics.
We have something to be proud of:
Shlangens is the only company in Russia that produces and supplies metal hoses with diameters from 300 to 700 mm.
Lay-flat hoses from the "Shlangenz" have more than 3 years without any complaints. The largest batch of hoses with a length of 12 km was delivered to Miratorg agro-industrial holding.
The company's employees completed a special order for the supply of flat-rolled hoses for compressor units for nitrogen pumping. Such sleeves have no analogues in Russia.
The metal sleeve from the "Shlangenz" in the composition of the experimental rocket was in space.
With the help of a set of fluoroplast hoses produced by LLC "Shlangens", the cargo block of the launch vehicle launched from the new Vostochny cosmodrome was refueled.
LLC "Shlangens" became a prize-winner in the contest "Best exporter of the Novgorod region 2017".
The company's employees do not stop there and continue to implement interesting projects.
On August 16, 2019, all employees of the company will celebrate the company's day by skating in the waters of the Volkhov river and lake Ilmen.


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Standard products

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additional design engineering




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It depends on technical and specific service conditions. The warranty period may be extended (in some cases up to 20 years) upon approval of all technical specifications and service conditions for the product.

Welding shop

connection of end pieces with flexible section

Assembly shop

pre-assembling and production

Testing and quality control department

quality assurance test and documentation preparation

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turning of end pieces on CNC-controlled machines

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